Monday, September 17, 2007

Research, Research, and more Research

Children know exactly what they need to learn. And right now mine are learning how to gain information by researching. I can't even count the number of hours my kids put into research. They research video games. They research something they saw on tv. They research the what type of fresh water fish is the largest. They try to find information on other countries and cultures. They search for information on history and science. They look in books and on the Internet. They search for programs up and coming on the satellite dish. It is so funny to me that they spend so many hours doing the same thing that children that are their exact age, are being forced to do in school. Not only are those children being forced to do this research but, they are "taught" how to to it. They are being taught to do something that comes so naturally. My girls are having so much fun learning how to research something. The joy and satisfaction, as a matter of fact, even brought tears to Mighty Girl's eyes last night. Real tears of JOY! Joyful learning! How many kids that go to school, do you think, were this happy finishing there homework last night? I know that Might Girl will always remember how to find answers to her questions in life, I know she will have this tool that we call research, and I know that she will always love to learn. If you could just see how big my smile is spread across my face right now. I am so pleased that we found this passionate way to grow up learning.

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Here are Mighty Girl and Ice Princess 5 minutes after they woke up yesterday morning. They have all the tools out that they need to play their games. The book open and at the ready. The computer fixed on the web page that will give them information they will need. Yes, as you can see this is serious play time.

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PeacefulGoddess said...

I know what you mean we just spent 2 days playing Zelda and looking up what and where to go next. What a blast!
Tears of Joys those are rare for most people, saddly.
Lovez and Missz you all,

Stephanie said...

Just came to your blog via "unschoolers".
As mine are young - 6 and 2, the research department is mine instead, but I think it might just bring me joy equivalent to that of your girls!
Here's to learning in freedom!

Beverly said...

It's great when you let them learn about what they find interesting. As you point out, when you want to learn how to do research, the topic is irrelevant, isn't it?

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