Sunday, September 2, 2007


I am feeling much better now. I can't remember being that sick in a long, long time. I am having a problem shaking this cough. But, over all I feel well.
So, I notice that the house has been quiet for some time and I decide to investigate. I call downstairs, "Girls, are you there?" After a few moments I hear no answer. I check the balcony, pulling the blinds back and smashing my nose against the cool glass. Nope, no one was there. I walk to the office, expecting to see them on the computer. But, the chair was empty. Finally, I open my bedroom door. The room was dark but I could see a glow coming from the bathroom. As I round the corner I can see them. The are both floating on their backs,with their eyes closed. Almost in a trance like state. The entire room was filled with lit candles. 15 candles or more. It was quite beautiful really. The way the flickering of the flames danced across the water. It was calming, just on the verge of being hypnotic. I decided that I wanted my camera so I tiptoe out of the room. On my return, I noticed that they hadn't even moved. I took a few shots but I think the closing of my shutter brought them out of their meditation. Mighty Girl flashed me a quick smile and then reached for something under her leg. She shot out her clenched fist straight toward my camera lens. She then opened her hand and said in a thick robot accent, "We mean no harm to your planet."
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I was laughing and coughing and laughing some more.


PeacefulGoddess said...

I am laughing! I love those kiddies!

OrganicSister said...

LOL You can see her shriveled fingers and thumb in that last pic.

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